Trustee Services

A trusted partner in providing exceptional fiduciary and trustee services for over 35 years

Over 35 Years as a Trust Company

We officially became Market Street Trust Company in 1987. Since then, Market Street has been a deeply committed partner, offering permanence, objectivity, and security as a trustee.
In 2019, we relocated our trust situs to New Hampshire, a favorable and flexible trust environment, to best serve our partners for today and into the future.

A Trusted Partnership

Market Street has a long history of providing fiduciary services as a corporate trustee. Partnering with single family offices, multi-family offices, RIAs, and other wealth management firms, Market Street delivers tailored trustee services, including white-labeled solutions, to best suit each partner’s needs. Our experience, favorable location, and commitment to fiduciary excellence instills a high-degree of confidence in our capacity as a trustee. 

Our Experience

Today, Market Street serves as a corporate trustee for over 300 trusts. With decades of fiduciary experience, we have a depth of knowledge and focused expertise we bring to every partnership, offering custom solutions and exceptional services.

Our Location

Our New Hampshire headquarters allows us to operate from one of the most progressive trust environments in the United States, offering tax benefits, adaptable frameworks, and administrative flexibility.

Our Commitment

Exceptional service is a hallmark of Market Street. Whether you utilize our trustee services or our full shared family office services, Market Street is dedicated to building and sustaining lasting partnerships.

"Market Street takes a high-touch approach to providing fiduciary services. With incredible continuity, longevity, and exceptional care, we have been providing client-centric trust and estate services for generations. As a New Hampshire trust company, we are able to provide flexible, strategic, right-fit solutions for today and years to come."

Brendan Mitchell,
Vice President, Chief Fiduciary Officer

Successful partnerships are built through thoughtful conversation.

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