A 100+ Year Heritage

Our legacy is one of our strongest assets

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The Foundation of
Market Street

The Houghton family legacy started in 1851, when Amory Houghton Sr. founded a small glass business, now known as Corning Incorporated. For over 170 years, Corning has enjoyed a heritage of innovation that has benefited both science and humanity, leaving a lasting impression of historical significance. 

Market Street was founded on the same principles of optimism and ingenuity, growing and evolving alongside the Houghton family for decades.

A Shared History of Innovation


The Corning legacy begins with the invention of the bulb-shaped glass encasement of Thomas Edison’s new lightbulb.


The  family office is founded to support the needs of the Houghton family.


Dr. Jesse Littleton, a Corning physicist, asks his wife to bake a cake on a piece of heat resistant glass developed in 1908, resulting in the successful launch of PYREX® glass. 


Corning revolutionizes the television industry by establishing a process to mass produce TV picture tubes. 

1960 - 1970

Inventions from Corning enable the first American manned spacecraft with heat resistant windows and transform how people connect using technology with fiber optic cables.

1980 - 1990

Research labs working on active matrix liquid crystal displays (LCDs) discover a fusion process that creates high quality displays, resulting in the modern day flat screen TV.


Corning Associates becomes Market Street Trust Company and officially becomes a trust company.


Market Street opens its doors to additional families to create a community of clients, each with an ownership stake.


Corning labs develop Gorilla® Glass in 4 months, reinventing modern cell phone technology and increasing
durability over the years.


Market Street welcomes its first board member outside the Houghton family.


Market Street celebrates 100 years of guiding families.


Market Street establishes its new main office and opens its door in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

The Next 100 Years

The longevity of Market Street is a direct result of a commitment to reinvention, adaptability, and excellence.

Market Street’s innovative structure and strategic plan to ensure lasting legacies while maintaining the highest degree of service has enabled us to be relevant at every moment and set a new industry standard.

We have been around for 100+ years — and will be around for 100+ more.

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