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Our Model

Creating a framework to benefit our families

A shared family office is ideal for families who want all the features and benefits of a single-family office without the administrative burdens of establishing your own.

The Power of Our Client-Owned, Shared Family Office

By joining our family office, you benefit from the collective power of Market Street: with a breadth and depth of knowledge and continuity that will span generations. As an entirely client-owned business, Market Street is not profit-seeking and puts family needs first.

Intentionally a Trust Company

Few decisions demand as much consideration as selecting a trusted advisor to manage your assets, protect your wealth, and grow your legacy.

Market Street provides families with the support and security they need to fulfill their personal, financial, business, and philanthropic aspirations — this includes our operation as a Trust Company.

Established in 1987, Market Street operates with an open trust framework to bring solutions that suit your family’s priorities. We offer a personalized approach and provide the permanence and objectivity of a corporate trustee. 

The progressive trust statute provisions found in New Hampshire, the home of our headquarters, provide further benefits and security through favorable tax treatment and long-term flexibility.

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As a Market Street client, you have a voice.

Our unique, wholly client-owned model means all clients have a stake. As owners, families are invested in and have ownership of the company and its future as a key resource for generations to come.

Our founding family set the tone for how we operate: with a deep level of care and transparency and a focus on collaboration and providing a superior experience.

Here, you are empowered, and always supported in partnership with our team, so that your family legacy can thrive.

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