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Our Service Philosophy

Market Street uses a team-based approach to provide a fully integrated family office to our clients.

Our team brings a diverse set of expertise and knowledge in order to best serve our families — supported by a secure technology backend to make our operations accessible and powerful while keeping your data safe.

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A Full Scope of Services and Support

Market Street offers a range of services to support our clients as they manage the complexities of wealth.

Financial Planning and Strategy

We guide families in understanding and organizing their complex affairs, providing comprehensive, long-term strategies that align with their goals. We utilize robust technology to bring the holistic financial picture to life, modeling scenarios to make informed decisions about the future.

Investment Management

We collaborate with clients to identify objectives and levels of risk to create and execute a customized investment plan while maximizing tax efficiency. Our structure enables families to access the full range of investment opportunities leveraging our economies of scale.

Tax Compliance and Planning Services

We prepare individual, fiduciary, gift, charitable, and partnership returns, working collaboratively to provide coordinated, proactive tax planning advice.

Fiduciary and Trust Services

We have a long history of providing fiduciary services, either as trustee, executor, or custodian. Our experience, favorable location, and commitment to open communication ensure flexibility when structuring trusts.

Risk Management

As part of a comprehensive wealth management plan, we provide administrative support and client advocacy while facilitating the coordination of insurance brokers and payment of premiums to help ensure our clients maintain comprehensive coverage.

Philanthropic Strategy and Administration

We help families establish and evolve their philanthropic goals and strategy, supporting the execution and management — from individual gifting to family foundations.

Governance and Education

We prioritize understanding the mission, vision, and values of each family and create opportunities to build trust and communication across generations through family meetings and guided interactions.

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