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Protecting Privacy is One of Market Street’s Most Important Responsibilities

Integrity is one of Market Street Trust Company’s (“Market Street”) core values. It follows that one of our most important responsibilities is to protect the privacy of our client* families’ non-public financial and personal information. This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) notifies you of the practices and procedures we follow to safeguard this information. Please feel free to contact your Relationship Manager or any member of the Senior Leadership Team if you wish to discuss this Policy in more detail. 

Gathering and Maintaining Your Information

When we refer to a client’s non-public financial and personal information, we mean the following types of information contained in paper files, computer related systems and email systems: 

  • Individual identifying information for you and your family members such as date of birth(s), social security numbers, address(es), telephone numbers, driver’s license information and other contact details; 
  • Information relevant to your household and expenses, such as your property taxes, credit card statements, and travel expenses; 
  • Information about your investments including asset allocation, performance, transactions, and your risk profile; 
  • Your tax returns and tax-related information; 
  • Information particular to your trusts, including distributions; 
  • Estate planning documents such as your will, health care proxy, and power of attorney; 
  • Total net worth information including any assets managed outside of Market Street and your liabilities; 
  • Insurance coverages and related information; 
  • Information regarding your charitable giving and family foundations;  
  • Information regarding family governance and dynamics related to wealth management and financial education; and 
  • Information about your medical/health information, and/or health insurance coverage. 
  • Lists and contact details of your network of service providers, such as attorneys, accountants, household employees, real estate agents, and any outside investment advisors. 

Protecting Your Information is Our Priority

Because protecting your financial and other personal information is very important to us, we take substantial steps to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity, and security of your information both physically and electronically, including password protecting and otherwise locking our servers, computers, databases, and other software containing client information.  

Certain information, such as fiduciary information, is subject to more restrictive sharing limitations than other kinds of information. 

We strive to keep your information accurate and up to date. 

We also maintain policies and procedures in support of the Market Street Privacy Policy.  

Further, all Market Street employees and third-party vendors with access to financial or personal information are required to enter into written confidentiality agreements. All Market Street employees are advised of their obligations relating to client privacy including proper maintenance and disposal of written documents and electronic data. 

If unauthorized disclosure or access may have occurred, employees are expected to report such breach immediately. 

Market Street will promptly investigate and redress any violation of this Policy. 

When We May Share Your Information

  1. With your consent. Other than described in this Policy, we do not share your financial and personal information with anyone outside of Market Street unless needed to perform work for you that you have approved (such as legal or tax advisory services) and then only to the extent necessary to provide the services requested on your behalf.  

  2. With certain service providers. From time to time, Market Street engages service providers to assist Market Street in its day to day business operations. During the course of such engagements, we may provide client financial and personal information to service providers who have a need to know such information to be able to perform certain services (such as financial auditing) or install certain products (such as accounting software). Even then, all service providers with access to such information are supervised and are required to enter into written confidentiality agreements that restrict their use or disclosure of such information. 

  3. In a format that does not personally identify you. We may report your financial and other personal information in an aggregate or grouped form without identifying you personally, such as to the Market Street Board of Directors or to third parties. For example, we may report Market Street aggregate investment performance for business development purposes or for industry research purposes.  

  4. Otherwise as permitted by law. We also may disclose your financial and other personal information when required by law, such as in the case of fraud prevention or investigation. As permitted by law and upon prior notice to you, we reserve the right to share information in the future.  

Confidentiality within Your Family Group

Market Street is unique in that, as a family office, we may provide services not only to you as an individual client (the owner of the account) but also to your spouse, minor or adult children, and to extended family members. These services may be provided to your family members either as clients themselves, or as income beneficiaries or remainder beneficiaries of family trusts or of individual trusts you establish, borrowers on intra-family and/or trust loans, board members on family foundations, etc. This Policy applies whether or not a family relationship exists. No family member client is privileged to learn the financial and personal information of another adult family member unless the latter has first agreed to share such information, or as applicable by virtue of a trust or other agreement. 

If you would like to ensure that your financial and personal information is shared with certain family members, please contact your Wealth Advisor to discuss this further. 

We Encourage You to Protect Your Own Information

We ask that all of our clients do their part to protect their own financial and other personal information against disclosure and unauthorized use. This includes: 

  • Protecting communications to and from Market Street that contain account information or other financial and personal information, including the use of personal log-in information and passwords to access your accounts, periodically changing your passwords and encrypting emails and attachments sent to Market Street; 
  • Not responding to unsolicited e-mails and phone calls that request your financial and other personal information; 
  • Refraining from carrying your social security card or number with you; 
  • Shredding documents containing your financial and personal information, or other sensitive data;  
  • Reviewing your credit report periodically and reporting suspected identity theft immediately to the police, the Federal Trade Commission, consumer reporting companies, and to the banks or credit cards with whom you hold affected accounts; and 
  • Using social media with extreme caution and refraining from posting personal or financial data. 

* For purposes of this Policy, "client," "you," or "your" means the owner (single or joint) of the account at Market Street.
Updated April 17, 2020

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