Our Team approach

Market Street engages a team approach to providing holistic and integrated financial and investment services to our clients. All client families are served by a team of experts, with the Client Family Services Relationship Manager as the primary contact.

Market Street manages the complexity of wealth, creating peace of mind.

With Market Street as their trusted financial advisor, our clients enjoy a broad range of integrated wealth management services, including: 

Investment Management and Advisory Services

Effective long-term wealth management requires coordinated financial, tax and estate planning in combination with an appropriate investment program. Market Street offers many excellent investment opportunities in a variety of different asset classes, including domestic, foreign and private investments. As part of the investment process, Market Street professionals work closely with clients to identify client objectives and appropriate levels of risk that are then translated into an investment plan.

Market Street also advises foundations with regard to their asset allocation and investment manager selection.

Fiduciary Services

Market Street has a long history of providing fiduciary services, either as trustee, executor or custodian, and fiduciary services continue to be a primary focus of Market Street's business. Although it has the professional expertise, objectivity and permanence of a corporate fiduciary, Market Street's experience and commitment to open communication ensure flexibility when structuring trusts.

Tax Planning and Tax Compliance

Market Street prepares individual, fiduciary, charitable and partnership returns and makes estimated tax payments for its clients and the accounts it manages. Market Street's professionals work collaboratively to provide coordinated, proactive tax planning advice.

Financial Planning

Market Street's qualified professionals work closely together in Wealth Advisory Teams that are designed to provide tailored, yet comprehensive financial planning for each client family.

Executive Compensation and Retirement Planning

We provide analysis and advice concerning 401(k) rollovers, IRAs, social security and Medicare decision-making, pension and early retirement options, SIP/SERP/deferred compensation plans, stock options, and restricted stock.

Estate Planning Guidance

Market Street is committed to establishing highly personalized client relationships and has developed a keen understanding of the needs and concerns of wealthy families. Our team of experienced professionals assists client families in understanding and organizing their often complex financial affairs and provides advice on a wide variety of financial issues. Our professionals also offer assistance with estate planning guidance to assure the transfer and preservation of assets for future generations in a manner that best meets the needs and desires of the family. We work closely with our clients' estate planning attorneys to maximize wealth transfer opportunities.

Risk Management

The management of personal risk through appropriate insurance coverage is an important component of each client's financial situation. Market Street provides access to property, casualty and liability insurance to our clients. In addition, we provide guidance on life insurance, as it relates to estate planning.

Philanthropic Support

Market Street provides advice and support to clients who have or wish to create a strategic philanthropy plan, such as creating a private foundation or funding charitable trusts. At the discretion of the client family, Market Street Foundation Advisors will participate with the foundation trustees or board to assist in the grantmaking process, meeting facilitation and compliance. In addition, Market Street provides guidance and charitable contribution tracking for clients who are philanthropically minded, but who are not involved with a family foundation.

Financial Education and Family Initiatives

Market Street interacts with client families on an ongoing basis to ensure a continuous flow of financial education, whether in the form of Market Street newsletters, the Quarterly Investment Review, recommended reading or customized materials on a particular topic of interest.

Families with exceptional wealth often find it difficult to have serious, meaningful discussions about wealth management, life events, personal goals and family values with young adults or members who live far away. Often times the topic is either avoided completely or triggered by an event such as the death of a family member, sale of a business or a substantial distribution.

Market Street also works closely with families to develop customized, structured meetings that will achieve client defined objectives and create a sense of ownership among members and younger generations. This includes communicating information about financial goals, inheritance and investment strategies as well as practical information about identity theft and market risk. Market Street helps families reconnect with each other by holding family meetings (which range from small "nuclear family" meetings to large, multi-generational gatherings) that encourage meaningful discussions about wealth legacy and communicate family values from generation to generation. Larger family gatherings encourage group interaction, promote communication and build family unity in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Our client families are confident that their financial goals, personal needs and family values will be communicated thoroughly and in full confidence at family meetings.