Business Insider talks with Theresa Pratt, Chief Information Security Officer, about New York Cyber Regulations

Brennan Weiss, a reporter with Business Insider, recently spoke with Theresa Pratt, Market Street Trust's Chief Information Security Officer, on the topic of cyber security and New York State’s leading efforts to implement regulations aimed at safeguarding the financial system and client information against a cyber threat. 

On the discussion of regulations, company policies and employees devoted to information and systems security, Theresa points out that "Everyone is part of our cybersecurity team. It doesn't matter what myself or my colleagues do from a technical perspective. If I have one user who clicks a bad link or answers a phisher's question over the phone, it's all for naught."

This is a powerful reminder that meeting compliance deadlines, having robust policies and procedures in place, and a dedicated security team only work if your entire organization is well trained and maintains a keen awareness of the current and future security threat landscape.

To read the full article, “New York is quietly working to prevent a major cyber attack that could bring down the financial system,” visit the Business Insider website here

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