It was 1851 when Amory Houghton, Sr. founded his glass business. Today, that company is known as Corning Incorporated. For over 160 years, Corning has enjoyed a heritage of innovation that has benefited both science and humanity. From developing incandescent lamp envelopes for Thomas Edison, to producing mirror glass for the Hubble Telescope, optical fiber for global communication networks, and Corning® Gorilla®  Glass for display technologies, Corning's contributions have extended far beyond the business of glass, leaving a lasting impression of historic significance.

What began as a single family office in 1909 to serve the needs of the Houghton family is now a unique client owned, shared family office serving the fifth through eighth generations of the extended Houghton family, and other select wealthy families. Our unwavering commitment to excellence, wealth preservation and growth has been the foundation of our success and the success of our client families.

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